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FGC’s steel-look interior bifolding doors

Our steel-look interior bifolding doors take inspiration from heritage, Art-Deco and Scandi-styling. However, ours offer a genuine alternative to other folding sliding doors on the market in this style intended for use inside the home.

black steel-look interior bifolding doors

Steel-look interior bifolding doors in a contemporary, minimal style

However you choose to describe the current trend for doors in the classic look of steel, FGC’s interior folding and stacking doors are genuinely different from other products on the market. Based on our popular existing partition and room divider system, they deliver better looks, functionality and style.

First of all is their design. Many other steel-look bifolding doors on the market are exterior-grade bifolding doors suitable for use outside the home. We do these too. However they come with features you don’t necessarily need inside the home. They’re insulated products designed for energy efficiency, not needed with an internal system. As well as this they come double glazed only. In some cases a double glazed product is needed, for instance, better sound insulation. But in most cases where our customers need a room divider, it’s another unnecessary feature you don’t need to pay for.

Using toughened single safety glass, clear or obscure, the best product for use internally is one specifically designed for internal use. Ours is.

Clever functional design in the steel-look

Next comes the ingenious design of our slide and stack system. Our doors work with independent moving panels, not doors connected together. As a result, you get more functionality.

Perhaps the best is how our doors don’t encroach into the space as they move. Yes, they stack on one side like any other bifold, but the panels firstly move in their track. The benefit is you can position furniture or decorative items right up to the door panels. They’d be in the way with any other folding door.

As well as this, you get the same traffic door functionality. When closed, the convenient traffic door lets you use the doors without having to fold the panels back every time.

Finally is the option to partially move the panels leaving ventilation gaps between each module. Ideal for giving a different look in the room with some levels or airflow or privacy too. Visit our Kent Showroom and try out these doors. The benefits over conventional bifolding or sliding internal partitions is obvious.

Even better, these are probably the slimmest doors on the market in this steel look. Minimal sightlines and no visible mullions you get with other doors. It’s the same slimline appearance on the floor where our track is super slim with a minimal step-over.

Elegant stylish steel-look interior doors and partitions

Of course, it’s all about the grid-like appearance of the sought-after steel-look. Every one of our products comes hand-made with carefully applied glass trims and glazing bars giving this beautiful and distinctive appearance. It just looks stunning in any setting.

For the glass, you’ve a choice of obscure or clear glass in a choice of patterns including acid etching or sandblasting.

Setting off these doors perfectly is the gorgeous black matt finish. It’s certainly the most popular and other colours are of course, available. Over 150 of them. The finishing touch comes with our contemporary door handles in a choice of sizes and designs in matching or contrasting colours.

The finest steel-look interior bifolding doors by FGC. Get a quote today

Get the iconic steel look inside your home with the luxurious, minimal and near frameless steel-look bifolding doors by FGC. There’s also a matching range of screens or single and double hinged doors.

Contact us today for a free quotation and to discuss your requirements.


Published on June 15, 2021

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